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Information about credit card payment

Due to the strict rules of Mastercard and Visa, it is practically impossible for us in Germany to charge e-liquids and e-cigarettes via credit cards for customers from abroad. Actually, only payments for these types of products may be received from Germany.

But we know that many customers, especially from abroad, like to pay with credit cards.

Sometimes it is even the only option. Because, for example, bank transfers are too complicated / cost-intensive and alternative payment options are not available. Especially our customers from Norway, Sweden, Australia etc. are affected by this.

For this reason, we have come up with something….

We create an invoice for you via our shop for camping accessories ( This way we can also receive credit card payments from abroad without any problems.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. You order here in the shop as usual and select credit card payment
  2. We will create an invoice for the total amount of your purchase in our camping shop. Please note that this may take a little time, as we have to do this manually. (Normally within 30 minutes – 2 hours)
  3. We will send you this invoice by eMail. In this eMail you will find a payment link. Click on it and pay via the payment page of Stripe.
  4. We will process your order and ship it the same day, at the latest the next day.

We know that this solution is not optimal, but it is the only one possible due to the strict rules of the credit card companies here in Germany.