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Authenticity of ratings

We use Cusrev (Customer Reviews, 71-75 Shelton Street, WC2H 9JQ London, United Kingdom) as an independent service provider to obtain reviews. Cusrev has taken steps to ensure that these are genuine reviews.

Cusrev has taken various measures in its rating system to ensure that the published ratings only come from consumers who have actually purchased the goods.

How does Cusrev ensure that these are genuine assessments?

Technical measures

Cusrev uses an e-mail invitation to submit reviews as a technical measure. This is only sent to the email address that was used to make a purchase.

Within the scope of an automated invitation dispatch, the customer’s e-mail address is transferred via API to Cusrev for sending an invitation e-mail. This technically ensures that an invitation to submit a rating is only sent to the email addresses that were used to make the purchase.

At the same time, further reference data (e.g. the item and order number) is collected for the order in all cases to ensure a secure allocation of the ratings to an actual purchase. In this way, only those items can be rated that were actually delivered to the customer. In addition, the buyer can also give a general rating of the shop.

To ensure that the authenticity of the rating and its legitimacy can be verified, ratings can only be submitted via the link in the invitation email. The email address through which the purchase was made always serves as a verifiable reference for the rating submission. There is no other possibility of submitting a rating.

For data protection reasons, the customer can choose how his or her name is displayed in the rating when submitting the rating. The following options are available to the customer for this purpose:

  • the complete first and last name
  • only the first name
  • the first name and first letter of the surname
  • the first letter of the first name and the surname
  • as ‘Anonymous’

Manual measures

In the event of anomalies or indications that suggest that the rating is not based on experience, despite the above-mentioned technical measures, proof of the legitimacy of the rating submitted will be requested and checked accordingly. If the requested evidence cannot prove the purchase of the goods or the use of the services, the ratings will be deleted.