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Youth & Health Protection

Age of majority verification

Since 01.04.2016, the legislator requires the verification of the age of majority of each customer. The verification takes place once with your first order, if you create a customer account at the same time, this will be activated directly and permanently. If you order as a guest, the check is carried out for each order.

In our shop, the verification is done by checking your identity card or passport number. Don’t worry, the data will not be stored or transferred to other service providers. They are only used once internally to confirm the age of majority.

In addition, the law requires proof of age for delivery. This means that the deliverer will only hand over the item to persons of legal age. If the deliverer is not sure whether the recipient is of age, he or she will ask for proof of age.

Safety instructions for liquids containing nicotine

The vapour produced by the electric cigarette may contain nicotine if liquid containing nicotine is vaporised. Nicotine is a neurotoxin that has an addictive effect.

The electric cigarette and all liquids containing nicotine are therefore not suitable for persons under 18 years of age, non-smokers, pregnant women, nursing mothers and persons with cardiovascular diseases or lung diseases.

Be sure to follow the safety instructions and instructions for use of the products!

If you suffer from an allergy to propylene glycol (very rare) or any other ingredient, you must not use our liquids!

Keep the electronic cigarettes and liquids out of reach of children and animals!

The use and consumption of our liquids is without exception at your own risk!